“It is a game very interesting to develop musical listening in particular for the youngest musicians.



orchestre-07Carolina :

«It was nice! One works of the things which one inevitably does not have the habit… to release It taken, the auditive memory in the short run and one shares by doing what one likes more, music.»


orchestre-02Coline :

«I spent very a good moment playing “Petites Notes et Pièces Éphémères”, game which requests in the musician at the same time deciphering, the precision in the respect of the partition, the attentive listening of the other players, but more especially creativity! The whole in a very ludic form of role-play. I recommend!»


Pauline :

«I really appreciated your game, it allows has the time a great musical freedom by the improvisation, and applied to the children, allows them to take stock of their rhythmic knowledge and of the modes of game imposed however by the cards. It really very innovating and is successful! »


Mael :

« “Petites Notes et pièces éphémères” mixes in a completely new way the need of musical inventiveness in improvisation, a great requirement of listening and memory and a direction of the strategy and tactic specific to certain big games. It is effective, pleasant and very fascinating! »