The aim of the game, even if you want to win of course, is just a pretext to share a fun and  musical moment. Sharing ideas and musical inventions can be played within a music class, or with family and friends.Several skills are at stake;  each role will call upon specific ones such as cretivity, attentiveness, improvisation, a sense of musical projection, direct capacity of composing and empathy.
In addition to advanced attention, conductor Renfidelio’s characters will be asked strategy and a trainer ear, with the only purpose of enjoying an instrument and developing more general musical skills, such as memorization of musical sentences and listenning accurateness.

At school, the game could be an interesting asset for a music theory class or a music session group.The main idea would be to use this tool with a large group with several musicians per role, which would allow pupils to create together.

 Another ambition would be to reach the maximum levels and ages to be able to play together.  With the help of easier task sheets, everyone could play, have fun  and get something out of it, without limiting the more advanced ones with their improvisation.

The satirical side of the game is inspired by the film by F.Fellini, intermingled with  Transylvania legends. But below irony and caricature lie the bases of playing together. Moreover, encouraging stage directions and arising critical sense is always rewarding.


©Design Olivier MARIN